Unifrutti Facility Linderos

Unifrutti’s Linderos facility is located in Central Chile and works with all types of fruit. The processing period is between November and September of each year. In 3 state-of-the-art, high-tech lines, the season starts early with cherries, followed by nectarines, peaches, plums, pears and kiwis. Grapes, which represent the largest volume, are received packed from the orchard for cooling and shipping.

The facilities have a storage capacity of 5,700 pallets in 16 cold storage rooms and 14 pre-cold tunnels, with first-class equipment that meets the high standards required by the export market.

21,483 m2

Carozos: 9,000 k/h

Coscia pears: 7.250 k/h

Forelle pears: 9,000 k/h

Carmen pears: 7,000 k/h

Red Cherries: 4,000 k/h

Rainier cherries: 800 k/h

Kiwis: 9,000 k/h

F/C 6,486 tons

A/C 4,400 tons

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