Unifrutti Facility Copiapó

The Copiapó facility located 813 km north of Santiago de Chile, in the Atacama region, is one of the main grape producers in the area and is the only producer and packer of pomegranates in Copiapó.

The Copiapó area has an area of more than 500 productive hectares, with a storage capacity of 4,900 bins or 900 pallets in more than 1,000 m² of infrastructure, with a production capacity of 600 bins/day equivalent to 2,100 boxes/hour.

The Copiapó plant also provides cooling and maintenance services to other exporters in the area, reaching an average of 1,200,000 boxes per season.

9.056 m2

Pomegranates: 12,000 k/h

Grapes: 7,600 k/h

Pallet: 900

Bins: 4.940

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