Linares Plant

This fruit center, located south of the Maule Region, receives Apple production grown in the 7th and 8th Regions, to be processed during the months of February through October. The main Apple varieties are: Gala, Crisp Pink and Ambrosia.

During the months of February and May, all Unifrutti’s production of Abate Fetel pears is processed in this region, 95% of which comes from our own orchards.

For these processes we have two sizers for each of the species, allowing us to fully meet the requirements of our customers. This is complemented with the cold infrastructure of conventional chambers and of Controlled Atmosphere, and state of the art pre-cooling systems.

Moreover, cherries, kiwifruit and other varieties of pears grown in Linares region, are processed in our specialized centers of Requinoa and Linderos.

Total Capacity

25.658 m2

Pacagking Capacity

Apples 19.000 k/h

Pears 10.200 k/h

Cold Storage Capacity

CA 24.200 tons

CS 504 tons