Coquimbo Plant

Weather conditions of the 4th Region allows the production of a wide diversity of fruit, which is harvested between the months of November and September of the following year.

Grape season begins in November with the harvest of early varieties, extending up to the month of April, with those varieties grown in the later areas. Our grapes are packed in the facilities of each orchard and are later stored in the central packing of Coquimbo.

Pomegranate production is harvested between the months of March to April, Citrus (clementine, lemon and mandarine) from May to September. Both species are processed in packing lines of Coquimbo.

Besides these species, the area produces some pears such as Coscia, Forelle and Flamingo and also avocados, all of which are processed in our central zone Plants.

100% of the production of Coquimbo area comes from Unifrutti’s own and related farms.

Total Capacity

11.211 m2

Packaging Capacity

Citrus 7,000 k/h

Cold Storage Capacity

CS 2.050 tons